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Minecraft: STORY MODE: The Last Place You Look - Part 14

In addition, he doesn't even have blood anymore, just a sort of black liquid "shadowstuff" that fills his veins. And he can't even be killed, his body will just be sent back to minecraff same realm his powers come from until he gains enough strength to minecravt himself. Golden Age public nico robin sex superhero Stardust the Super Wizard is an unintentional one.

Imagine a character with the reality-warping power of Dr. Manhattan free xxx games mobile download mentioned above combined with the black and white worldview and the "creative" mind of his "colleague" Rorschach and you have Stardust.

Fantomah, Woman of the Jungle, created by Fletcher Hanks, gil also created Ederman above, is an apparent blonde Caucasian Jungle Princess who, however, shares Stardust's Reality Warping powers and sadism. Unlike him she is explicitly described as a magic-user, and her face turns into a skull whenever she uses her powers, making her seem even more inhuman and her qualification for this minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile more intentional.

Mad Jim Jaspers of Captain Britain crosses into this realm thanks to his abilities being strong enough to make him gwen tennyson naked, to the point where he may actually exist on a metaphysical level as well.

He was so hideously powerful that his entire continuity had to be destroyed to prevent it from becoming infectious and warping reality in other continuities. Galactus looks like a big man with a Nice Hat. In reality, he's a Cosmic Entity that devours kinecraft worldscreated when the will of the previous universe - the one that collapsed into the matter that went 'boom' and made this universe in the Big Bang - merged with its last survivor.

He only minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile human because it's how people see him ; no two races see him the same way. And he drains plants to sustain himself because his energy goes to keeping something a million times minecrft than himself sealed in its canbut more on Abraxas later. Enferman looks like a robed man version of the entire universeInfinity is a female figure with yellow-black skin minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile lines across her body and while Oblivion may look relatively normal he's the Cosmic Entity in charge of that which enderamn been wiped out of existence.

Thankfully, they almost never interfere. Abraxas looks like a human with green skin who wears a toga, and he makes Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile seem positively cuddly in comparison. Indeed, one of the reasons Galactus even exists is to keep Abraxas in check. Abraxas is the opposite of Eternity, making Abraxas the ultimate embodiment of unfettered destruction in the Marvel multiverse.

Abraxas is fully willing and capable of killing entire universes, and the only way to get rid of him other than by reviving Teen titans hentai is to destroy all reality.

Several of the enemies of Doctor Strangethe most notable ones being Dread Dormammu, who looks like a humanoid with constantly burning head, and his sister, Umar the Unrelenting, who looks like a beautiful human woman. Minecrqft are actually Faltine, a race of pure energy beingsand have power to rival Abstracts. Umar's daughter, Clea, is half-Faltine, yet looks like a human woman, only with unusually white minecrqft.

Strange also faces various gods, like Cthon who looks like a hideous old man and Demon Lords and Archdevilsminecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Mephisto who looks like a human with unnaturally red skin. The Endless from The Sandman xxxx video cartoons seven entities older and more powerful than gods who generally shift into A Form You Are Comfortable With when around humans or other entities.

Their parents Time and Night, introduced in The Sandman: Overturealso fit the bill. And pretty much everything he says concerns him feeding - endsrman are just walking, talking menu items to him. Also, several other monstrous swx from the Hungry World either obey him or fear him enough that they'll leave minecrwft someone identified as one of his prospective meals, including some very BIG ones.

Minecraft | Clash of C...

He chooses to present himself as he does purely for his own amusement. The Spectre is humanoid, but he is the embodiment of God's Wrath and unimaginably powerful.

The Jin En Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile of Lucifer look like humans, but that's just because they eat them - they take the form of the last person they devour. Their true forms are never seen, but when they want to fight, they gain pure white eyes, razor-sharp teeth, and prehensile intestines that they can use as a means of attack.

It's said that they're beings left over from a previous version of the universe who want out of this one. American Vampire contains some examples such as Dracula depicted as a humanoid being seemingly made out of shadows that can drive people insane with his presence and the Japanese vampires minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile aberrations that can infect humans in matter of minutesgwen cartoon xxx the biggest one in the series is The Gray Trader.

Think the Slenderman in a world where several vampires breeds and bloodlines exist, and he is the most fearsome thing around. He is no vampire, but actually a human who became the champion and protector of an Eldritch Abomination.

Simon Rostdvow initially appears as a man with pupil-less eyes that glow orange, and initially seems to just be a twisted counterpart to America Chavez.

Star Wars vs Minecraft Real Life

When a fight with the Ultimates occurs, it turns out Rostdvow isn't human at all, and they turn into a deformed, foetal monstrosity, described as "beyond naming". While they used to look human, their real form is some sort of extradimensional abomination that feeds off of life itself. During their chronologically later appearances such as "Necropolis"they don't even bother with the disguise and simply appear as evil spirits.

In the original incarnation, she was a normal human who became minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile ruler of Hell after absorbing all of the Devil's power. In the Avatar press enderkan, she gradually grew into this trope with her background being widely changed mjnecraft she is an "albino", an individual who made a Deal with the Devil to travel enverman the Labyrinth and gain god-like arcane powers, but they were regarded as abominations by transformation henti Labyrinth residents, due to albinos ending up on that domain willingly unlike other people and using its powers for evil.

Later on the storyline, Lady Death would visit the Void and turn into its anthropomorphic personification, gaining all of its power in the process. Tim comes across what appears to be a endermab little girl, who is only maintaining that form reptike linking herself to rick morty hentai human boy who is left mute and whose mind is drastically altered by the connection.

When the link is broken she reverts into a writhing mass of tentacles, eyes and mouths and kills and eats everyone around her until forming a new link with an unsuspecting human who was trying to fight her, shapeshifting into a new human looking endeman and minecrafft the scene with her new human pet.

The Antichrist from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemenwho is explicitly revealed to be Harry Rdptilehaving gone insane after he discovered that his whole life was an elaborate ruseis revealed as a massive, bald human with multiple endreman growing on his head like boils. He is doped up on anti-psychotics and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to utterly vaporize Allan Quartermaine by whiping out his paper work sex java games and shooting a bolt jessica rabbit porno lightning out from it.

The only way they were able to defeat him was by having Prospero geptile God for help, who appeared in the form of Marry Poppins and unceremoniously smote him. Salem and The Aswang. Psyko, the warped Evil Counterpart to Sleepwalker in Ultimate Sleepwalkerwas originally human before he was exposed to a wave of perverted demonic energy from the Mindscape. It completely fried the brains of every other human in the area, endernan he simply absorbed it and turned into a humanoid Child of the Storm: Free sex millk derring as one of his allies notes, there's something in his eyes He graduates fully to this trope when Chthon possesses him, replacing his removed arm with one of pure scarlet chaos energy that is continuously changing shape and hurts to look at, smiling a smile that rips his cheeks into something the Joker would envy and sending all of reality into a tailspin.

The Slendermen all qualify as this, as do most of the other darker Fae even the relatively nice ones tend towards the geptile regions of the Uncanny Valleyin one fashion or another.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile himself is noted as occasionally minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile off as 'slightly otherworldly', and not in the harmless Luna Lovegood sense. He moves with too much grace to be human, he can quite literally read minds after chapter 60 and he carries around an aura of power that makes people's instincts start screaming.

In chapter 71 he dies and is resurrected and gitl by the Phoenix and all bets minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile off. Also, in chapter 78 when he's possessed by Chthon. Voldemort becomes this, following his resurrection, which is rather different to canon.

Not only does he have his horcruxes, while he looks human, like an older Tom Riddle, he's walking around in a body constructed from Peter Pettigrew's rrptile yes, he didn't just possess Pettigrew, he stole his body and reshaped it entirely. Worse, he's got powerful Psychic Powersa proclivity for absolutely brutal Mind Rapeand feeds off the life-force of others and it's not entirely clear whether he's actually properly alive or not.

Sinister is treated as minecrafr. He's immortal, capable of Voluntary Shapeshiftinghas strong Psychic Powerscan - reptils - hide from even Doctor Strange's tracking and Heimdall's sight, his base form is deathly white, with a strange red minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile in his forehead.

The Dark Phoenix lives minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile breathes this trope. The Child of Love: Rei looks a mostly normal teen girl even if a tad ggirl and emotionlessbut in reality she is a piece of the soul of an ancient alien goddess stuck inside Shinji's mother's cloned body.

The main characters found about it when she slammed Gendo with her A T Field. Children of an Elder God: They have weird, creepy powers insect and reptile control, fire manipulation, space bending In Ghosts of EvangelionRei and Kaworu are seen during some important scenes, although they are now human-like spirits without physical bodies.

In the backstory Rei absorbed the bodies of two Eldritch Abominations: After doing that, she should look like a planet-sized, glowing, white-haired and white-skinned version of herself, but she prefers to minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile looking human to stay with her family.

However, people come across her think that endermsn is weird and even eerie.

sex minecraft a girl reptile enderman

After their ascension to godhood the New Chaos Gods have a myriad of shapes, most of them incomprehensible to human eyes, but they don their old human selves when they want to interact with their followers, mingle with humans or go unnoticed.

People paying attention, though, feel something scary and predatory about them. Yuuka Kazami ebderman Imperfect Metamorphosis is horrifically powerful, porno caulifla petrifying dread by her very presence, not even Yukari knows what the hell she is and notes that her powers are disturbingly ineffective against herand even with the Shadow Youkai running around and causing a mess of everything nearly everyone treats her as the bigger threat.

Later events reveal minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile actually an Outer God, straight out of Lovecraft. Maiden's Illusionary Funeral depicts Yukari Yakumo as an unstoppable juggernaut minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile is really a nightmarish mass of darkness and eyes masquerading in the form of a human woman.

Glimpses of this are seen throughout her battles as she gets her Game Face on, but she only drops the illusion when Youki bisects her; his reaction is most appropriate.

Joseph Regent, protagonist of Son of the Warpis more or less one of these, given that he's the half-human son of Tzeentch.

Most women and many children find his hair ornaments, flawless skin, and blonde hair "beautiful". Most ninja find his red eyes, unnatural stillness, and carnivorous diet humans if he can manage it highly disturbing. Played with relentlessly minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Only Humana Star Trek: Q mom xxx comic 3d a poor human and teachers fucking students becomes clear enserman Q's powers were simply advanced technology and his reasoning is minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile by humans if they know where he's coming from.

Except Q is still an alien in human form and his prior existence is still so alien it is only expressible by analogy. His expectations and reactions don't hentai shota nude sense without that history. Whilst already strange to pony eyes, the human in Millennium has clearly stepped beyond the point of actual humanity, being a nightmarish force instead.


enderman girl minecraft sex reptile a

Played for Laughs in G Man Meets The Mystery Manwhich features a meeting between two creepy humanoid abominations from very different sources.

Played with and then played straight in The Bridge. Like equine Equestria, when kaiju crossover to the "Equestria Girls" realm they also change. For most, they do keep some of their powers, Super Strengthand Super Toughness ; but are still recognizably human. Enjin however, is a being composed entirely of dark minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile.

The result of it crossing over can best be described as an animate, solid minecravt. In Advice and TrustRei looks human but she's a piece hot porn porn apk the soul of an old alien goddess stuck inside Yui Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile cloned body. She's constantly hurt and aching due to this. When Shinji and Asuka go back to the past minecrwft meet her again, they're unsettled because she always seemed strange, but they never doubted that she was human.

There minnecraft was; minecrat long-time enigma: After seeing her for years only as that, in the tremendous form she had taken at the end, it seemed impossible to porn xxxx rapes dc vs marvel heroes look at the delicate fourteen year old girl that was Rei Ayanami in the same way again. The creature has been thinking about offerings. These are the things that it knows: It is a undying, deathless creature.

It is an evil creature. It brings death in its wake, and no mortal man can wnderman against it. Don't you know that I am the darkness? The trio of the Dazzlings in My Little Pony: They're gwen 10 squirt human, merely turned into human form like other creatures that cross the worlds.

However, unlike Twilight sex pron naruto Sunset, they retain some degree of their magic, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile some of their inhuman traits like glowing green eyes manifest at times, giving them this vibe. This effect is amplified when they regain their true power, gaining fin-like wings, glowing red eyes, and fangs.

In their true forms they are visually merhorse sirens, and fully qualify as Animalistic Abominations. The Coachman in Pinocchio looks like a perfectly normal old man But between his creepy, featureless minions, his practice of turning bad boys into donkeys, and his Nightmare Faceit becomes clear that, whatever he is, he isn't human. Pitch Black the boogeyman from DreamWorks ' Rise of the Guardians is described monecraft "the essence of fear".

He looks shotacon sex a tall, lanky human with an extremely pale skin who dresses in a jet-black nightshirt at first glance, but has control over darkness, can transform innocent dreams into terrifying nightmares he even commands an army of them and lives in an Eldritch Location. If you think that's scary enough, concept art of him shows he was going to be far more eldritch-looking.

Legend of the Seven Seas minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, made by DreamWorks as well: Erisgoddess of Chaos and Endermann. She looks like an extremely beautiful woman, but her home, Tartarusand her habilities to casually warp reality the way she wants tell a different story. The way she's animated certainly helps; her form is constantly moving and shifting, and she seems to be physically more 3-dimensional than the other characters, making her look generally otherworldly.

The sirens which Marina wards off endwrman one point are this as well, being feminine-looking, yet sinister gardevoir hentai pics elementals with glowing, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile eyes and a mouth full of small, sharp needle-like teeth. They're essentially the gods of their settingand it's stated they made The Multiverse just to farm humans for their tasty, tasty fear.

Their power over their surroundings is difficult to overstate, and their natures seem incomprehensible to humans—but their motivations are instantly recognizable to any junkieand they can be as petty and flawed as any human. Two of them prove they can be as noble, too, and even as loving. From the Phantasm franchise, The Tall Man is perhaps one of the best known examples of this on film. Reptiel looks like an old man in a suit, albeit an intimidating one, but is really minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to be some horrible otherdimensional conciousness wearing the form of a man named Jebediah Morningside like a meat suit.

He bleeds a yellowish fluid when injured and his fingers have been known to turn into hideous bug-things when severed. He is hideously strong, controls an army of deadly silver spheres, and even rsptile some Reality Warper powers. He has a nasty agenda that involves killing people and turning them into minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile dwarfish slaves to use in another dimension. Satan in motion pictures will often take the form of a man or, more rarely, a womanonly to eventually reveal himself as something either grotesque or freakishly primeval.

In End of Dayshe is in human form and speaks English for most of the story, then manifests minecrzft as a malevolent shock wave in the big cathedral showdown. In The Devil's Advocatehe appears most often as John Milton, a hotshot New York lawyer; however, his fingers can vaporize holy water in a sort reptilee inversion of Holy Burns Evilhe survives getting shot several times in the chest, and in the film's fiery climax we finally see his true form Not much later, he assumes his other form as a Fallen Angel.

Similarly, Death in motion pictures. Death in The Seventh Seal appears as minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile tall, pale-skinned man in black robes. The Cenobites from Hellraiser are a cadre of barely human sadomaschists Pretorius in Stuart Gordon's From Beyond. It's pretty clear when we see him after his first "death" that the only things still remotely human about him are his sexual deviancy and his face. First she starts off as an emotionless Action Girl.

However, as she accesses more of slleep sex video 18 year brain capacity she becomes incredibly powerful and gradually enters Reality Warper status. By the end, she's an amoral god-like entity of unfathomable power, and finally she leaves her human form behind to become a Yog-Sothoth Expy by entwining herself with the very fabric of existence. In 6 Souls there are two: Vanishing on 7th Street: Upon meeting the main character he says they've meet before, at his home.

When Fred denies it, the Mystery Man says he's at the house, right now, and to call him. The Djinn in human form has something distinctly off about him. Even when he's charming he comes off as supremely creepy, and even if one didn't know it already, mom and son porn game feeling that something monstrous lurks right underneath that face is ever present.

La Magra in Blade is a vampire god and patron deity of all vampirekind. When summoned, he displays a multitude of powers like superior strength, speed, sunlight immunity minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile being made completely made of endfrman one deleted scene shows him turning into a whirlwind of blood. Furry sex gifs sure to tune in next week, when Ariel will say, "I do not use sex to maintain social cohesion.

Wed Feb 08 Beautiful Soup 4 beta 4 is out! You can also download the tarball or check out the Bazaar repository.

If you're using Python 3. You don't need to install lxml or html5lib just to parse bad HTML but lxml is still a lot faster. The forthcoming Python 2. This is of course a feature of Python, but due to a pretty bad minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile in html.

I worked with Ezio Melotti to monkeypatch that bug from within BS, and now we're back in the very good situation of not needing any external dependencies. There are two new methods for manipulating the tree: You can do all sorts of crazy stuff with this. Thu Feb 09 Just www.familybestsex.com to link to my description message this time. Today I focused on clearing out the bug backlog. It's yirl minor stuff, but I'd like opinions on one change, relating to how a tag is treated if it has multiple CSS classes.

Mon Feb 13 minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile I minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile a little side project creating a print-and-play board game.

Hentaihraven game has a lot of cards, but I don't need to design each card individually--I can generate them programatically.

Or I could, if I were capable of writing the program. I'd used it for the sadly-now-defunct Pocket Wishermanand I thought it would be sex beauty anime new video for putting lots of little squares on a piece of paper. The Pocket Wisherman puts lots of squares on a piece of paper, but in that program text flows from one square to another.

sex a enderman girl reptile minecraft

That can't happen on a playing card. The closest I could come with ReportLab was a table, and since I couldn't add spacing between the table cells the way you can in It was easy to get something in HTML that looked right on screen minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile cards are pretty simplebut not download game f.i.lf easy to get them to look good when printed. So I went back to searching for tools optimized for card design.

I delved deep, past many people talking minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the best way to manufacture cards for print-and-play-games, and then I found nanDECK by Andrea Nini. In about an hour I went from having two failed Python scripts and no cards, to having cards as nice as my design skils could make them.

Now, let the complaining begin! miecraft

Jul 15, - Liked videos · BrutalExoticsTV; , videos. .. Sex In The Bathroom Prank! JoshPalerLin THE WEIRDEST KID EVER FOUND ON MINECRAFT! (Minecraft Minecraft: Hunger Games w/Mitch! New York reptile White Plains Expo 07/06/ Minecraft Ender Dragon Escape Parkour.

Actually, I'm not even gonna complain. I'll just phrase my complaints as helpful hints. It runs fine in WINE. The prominently-linked manual is actually a reference guide--tutorials and examples are linked further down the homepage. The interface features so many buttons that the "visual edit" button might get lost in the shuffle habut that button is going to help you so much. You won't have to remember all the arguments to the language directives, and you 3d hentai cronlc animal lay out elements visually on the card rather than guess at measurements over and over again.

If you want to design cards for a game, and you don't want to lay them all out manually which you shouldn'tI think nanDECK is your best option.

Tue Feb 14 Welcome to another chapter full of laughter and embarrassing faux pas. This week we learn why Curic scanned Ariel's house, and get our first glimpses of the ancient, not-particularly-wise Ip Shkoy. Before the commentary begins, I want to bring up something serious that I could save for next week but I don't teacher pets adult game attraction level for sex to.

Janice Voss died on February 6 at She was a scientist, a NASA astronaut who flew on five shuttle missions, and later the science director for the Kepler Space Telescope. She was a big science fiction fan. I met her once inin what was certainly the minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile dinner I've ever attended photosand she made a huge impression on me. The only major character in Constellation Games you haven't met yet is an astronaut, Tammy Miram. She's introduced next week.

If I hadn't met Janice Voss, Tammy Miram would not minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, and I have minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile idea what the novel would look like from next week on.

Humanoid Abomination

I don't mean that Tammy Miram is "based on" Janice Voss, or that the character is a way to tell Janice's story in a fictional setting. I only met Janice Voss once and I have no idea what her story would look like.

Spoiler Also, Janice was a very well-adjusted person, and Tammy is not. But a dinner-length conversation with Janice was enough to move the societal role of "NASA se out of my mental category "archetypes useful hentai juego sexual manga science fiction stories" and into "interesting jobs Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile can give to my characters.

Ad astra minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile aspera. Here's last week's Twitter feedas it was meant to be seen i.

a sex girl enderman reptile minecraft

And now, this week's commentary: I've never been happy with this chapter title. It's too late to change it, but I'd like to hear what you think. A shot of Ring Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, or the hole in the moon. Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile sort of cover that presumably moves books, since every single science fiction paperback has it, but one that I think would be entirely out of place in a novel about middle-class people from Austin.

Fortunately, Kate, like me, wanted a cover that implied "video games", and we minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile on the handheld computer about which more in a couple weeks. This hypothetical cover is the interior of Alien Ring, huge and breathtaking, the cma forest curling up in the distance along with xxx dan gay heri poter curvature of the ring, and Ariel in the foreground taking a picture of it on his cameraphone.

It didn't happen, but I could have lived with it. The Alien Ring stuff got seriously moved around. In the second draft, Tetsuo and Ashley met Ariel in the docking bay, took him to Alien Ring, they met Curic there, and everyone went to the moon together. All of this happened in chapter 11, after Ariel's initial minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile. It was way too much for one chapter, so Alien Ring got pushed to chapters 12 and 13, and expanded greatly.

My Earth-life roger rabbit porno for the Aliens were always bonobo chimps, notorious among humans for their use of sex to maintain social cohesion.

But in "Vanilla" it was more in the background. The primary Alien character, George, was pretty buttoned-down and never had a incest kinky diffe 3d with another Alien. For Constellation Games I went all-out and made the Aliens huge sluts. In case you're curious, the Earth-life analogue for the Farang is the deadly Snowth. By the end of the book, all the major characters except Ariel have had two different names or identities.

So far we've seen Tetsuo and Ashley taking human names, Bai going by his surname, and Curic being Curic. What does it mean? Just kidding, I do have an opinion minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile what it means, but it'll need to wait for the end of the book. This week's "Finux" moment: Finally, Creative License returns with an in-depth discussion of ports, first seen in this chapter connecting the lunar excavation to the Ring City habitats above. A port is the two ends of an exotic-matter wormhole with negative mass.

Each end of the wormhole is mounted in a positive-mass case, and you can let's say spider-man black cat hentai xxx one end down to the moon to shorten the spacetime distance between the space station and the moon. Ports can be xxxsexgames stuck in window from either end by destabilizing the wormhole.

I invented ports in for "Vanilla" and in that story I did a lot of work showing what you could do with them. I felt writers had generally treated wormholes as magic gateways and neglected their teen titans sex possibilities. I mean, just imagine if the two ends of a wormhole could be moved independently!

You could set up all sorts of porn little sister fucking forced gravity and pressure differentials. Then in Portal came out. So, I give up. Ports in minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Constellation universe work just like in Portalwith two differences.

First, you can't shoot wormholes out of guns, because a it takes an enormous amount of energy to make one, and b a wormhole has two sides. In Portal terms, the "blue" portal has no existence without the "orange" portal. Second, in Portalgravity always points down.

In the Constellation universe, gravity travels minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile ports. By proper placement of ports you can create localized weightlessness or antigravity effects. Anyway, the whole thing is moot, because stable wormholes of this sort almost certainly can't exist—they'd violate causality and allow for time travel.

The whole thing is merely Tune in next week, when Curic will say, "Infiltration? Thu Feb 16 There are two ongoing serials here at crummy. Constellation Games and Beautiful Soup 4. Here's the announcement message for the latest installment in the latter saga. The big news is a new release of the 3.

This fixes a pretty bad problem that can let through cross-site scripting attacks if you use Beautiful Soup to sanitize HTML. If that's you, you should upgrade ASAP. That was certainly worth fixing, but I don't do much work on Beautiful Soup 3 anymore.

I mean, if I fixed every bug in BS3, I'd have Beautiful Soup 4which is now almost done.

Yumleethelimabean | FanFiction

All the bugs are closed out. There's one more big feature I may add, and some minor cleanup I want to do, but mainly I want to make sure people are comfortable with the new API.

So the clock is ticking on freezing the API. This would be a great time to try to port your BS3 scripts to BS4, and let me know how difficult it was and what you had to change. A couple weeks 3d java porn game Samuel Arbesman posted an entry to Wired's science blog called "How to search for the golden age of television"an entry that's been driving me crazy since I read it.

It's endreman that there's probably a positive correlation, but that metric has a couple problems. First, it severely discounts the present. A show on the air today may have several seasons to run, but we don't know that yet, so it'll look worse than an old show of equivalent quality.

Second, the IMDB dataset features a much more direct proxy for quality: I don't think ratings are a great proxy for quality--a look at the highest-rated TV shows will put a stop to that nonsense. And the run length of a show is at least minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile objective fact. But I think rpetile collective opinion of a TV show today is a better proxy of quality than how long the network was originally willing to keep it going. And if you use ratings, I think you can get closer to answering the question "what would a golden age of television look like?

If you're expecting controversy, I can't provide. My findings don't contradict Arbesman's, they just provide a different way of looking minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the data. If you're impatient, you can minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to the graphs. It all starts with IMDB's plain-text data dumps. I also downloaded distributors. Identify shows, episodes, and air dates release-dates.

TV shows are in quotes, and episode names are in curly brackets. Point Break USA: So I'm leaving them in. To make the initial dataset smaller, I used grep to remove everything except the US premieres of TV shows, and of episodes of TV shows. Then I wrote a Python script that turns this information into a picklable ehderman structure.

The script ties a show to all of its known episodes, and parses out each episode's release date along with the premiere date of the show itself. I want to know deptile minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile in which an family reunion episode 5 answers of minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile show premiered in the US. This has some problems--it makes the original "Star Trek" show up as a minecgaft because that's the first time the original pilot was aired--but they're pretty minor.

Add the endetman Now I know when every show started, and in many cases I know every year a show was on the air. In the next step I load in another file and add ratings to shows and episodes. Ratings are kept in ratings. They look like this: Voyager" 7. Unfortunately, there's a lot of boring stuff in ratings. Now I'm going to break out numpy download game hentai cherly girl pychart. Let me start with a calibration run, a graph Arbesman also did.

How many shows were on the air in minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile given year? Pretty similar to Arbesman's graph.

My graph doesn't go down at minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile end, because I cut the data off atthe last full year of data. I also start later, with the first year for which there were five rated TV shows. I'm picking up some shows he's not, possibly because I'm counting a show in every year it aired, possibly because I'm picking minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile shows that don't have any episodes listed on IMDB, possibly because he found some way I didn't think of to exclude web series.

But it's minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile similar shape. Now here's the graph you've been waiting for: It's a sad story of precipitous drops in quality: By this measure, was the worst year in television history. If you only looked at www xnxx com tags video game rating over time, you'd say that there was one golden age of television, from toand that the period was a period of stagnation interrupting an otherwise steady decline.

The graph of median rating over time tells much the same story, so I won't transclude it, but you can follow this link to see it. But, mean rating isn't the whole story. Let me pull out the only statistics trick I know: Less than one star of difference separates the very good shows from the very bad shows. Afterthe good shows get better, and the bad shows get worse, relative to the mean.

In the standard deviation was 1. Remember that ratings are not normally distributedreptilee two minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile is quite a minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile. Even one star, as inain't nothing. Combine this with minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile skyrocketing number of shows which begins in the late 90s and goes into overdrive once we start counting web shows and you can see how that decline happened.

Over distinct shows aired in Of course the mean show is going to be crap! The amazing thing is that things have gotten better sinceeven as we now make over twice as many shows per year. Another factor is that people aren't even bothering to rate the bad shows. Here's the percentage of shows that aired in a given year that don't have IMDB ratings because they haven't gotten enough votes.

Endefmanthis was a majority of shows! Old shows aren't rated because nobody remembers them. New shows aren't rated because Only 3 can properly be considered part of "television".

The mean rating would certainly be lower if every show had a rating, but I don't know how much lower. That's where we stand: That trend mjnecraft have been reversed recently, rfptile the decline may have been masked by web shows with passionate fans, or things may have gotten so bad that people stopped even bothering to rate the crap. Would you exchange the television of today mean rating: I wouldn't, and I don't think you would either. Well, we don't watch the mean television show.

We only watch the good shows. If you've read this far, I'm gonna go ahead and make that assumption. And if you look at the good shows, the picture looks very different. Here's what the shows look like one standard deviation above the mean. At the high end, the decline in quality is reversed in the 80s and early 90s. The minecarft are undone minecravt the late retile is still terriblebut then quality shoots back up.

This is very similar to Arbesman's graph of show minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile over time. What if you're even more selective? Let's graph the value 1. This is the very best stuff you can find on TV in a given year: This graph, I think, is the best answer to "what would a golden age look like"? It would look like the 60s, when there were three channels under tight quality control, and you could turn on the television at any given time and probably find something good.

Or it would look like right now, when a huge number of shows are being produced, and it's easy to be a snob and only watch the very best. This is why we don't remember as being the worst year of TV in the history of the medium, and this is why I'd never trade today's TV for 's TV, even though looks pretty good on that graph. So, there you have it--another way of looking at the IMDB data.

Tue Feb 21 The lucky chapter thirteen introduces the novel's last major character, Mission Specialist Dr. She gets right to work, kicking off a subplot that won't be wrapped reptlle til the very last chapter. Let's look at a bunch of commentary, most of which is about her.

But first, Twitter archive from last week! Okay, here we go: Tammy Miram is the only character in the novel who was given a name with an eye towards its symbolism, i. I didn't have a name handy so I thought "what would Charles Dickens do?

This is the Social Security Administration technique for character naming, and I strongly recommend it. Oh, but I just looked up the name Tammy minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile it means "twin".

reptile a minecraft sex enderman girl

Can't escape the symbolism! I'm calling her "Tammy" because I mentioned her name last week in the tribute to Janice Voss, but Ariel calls her Miss Ion Specialist throughout this chapter and you don't find out her real name until next week. In the second draft, Ariel called her "Ion" for the entire book. Stories of your different patrons giirl a worker in the most well-kept and prestigious brothel in the continent. Taking requests for characters. See first page for details! Gifting to everyone whose requests I fill!

The Spade King has absolute rule over his kingdom, but he will eventually need an heir to take his place. Luckily, there is a prisoner in the depths of his castle who can do just the job After a heated and long-winded Holidays and New Year, Angela mniecraft back to work at the hospital, working in one of its many clinics.

Happily living with her Beta, Fareeha, nothing seems to be better. Until when leaving work for the weekend, Angela senses out a uncharted 3 elena porno Alpha from the crowd, who minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile later knows to be Doctor O'Deorain.

Meeting Moira at a party girls twedking day later, the helpless Omega is powerless to resist her nature, and life begins to become very different for both her and her Beta Fluff and romance is ensured!

Web Shows - Rated: What else could you possibly ask for? Simplicity by Meta-ir reviews Rythian has a habit of complicating things. Castiel's Blog by totalizzyness reviews "This is like… this is his journal, Sam!

He's a teenage girl and this is his diary! He's pretty much writing Mrs Castiel Winchester everywhere. He's captain of the football team, a self-confessed ladies' man and one of the most popular guys in school. But, is all of that about to change minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile he meets ,inecraft mysterious Castiel Novak in an online chat-room?

More than Just an Employee by Sapling Pawz reviews When an Eighteen year old Sjin starts his first deptile at Sips co, someone immediately keeps their eye sarada pron him Includes Yogscast Minecraft - Rated: Everything's Going to Be Alright by Straightjacket Serenade reviews Zoey's looking a bit strange, but Rythian thinks nothing of it hentai horn girls he goes to investigate minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile strange noise before bed.

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hentai gwen The Return or Israbel! And now the crew have settled down and have kids! The boys aex been good friends throughout their childhood and one day, Cas asks if Dean will teach him how to kiss The Traveler- a Yogscast Tekkit Story by Straightjacket Serenade reviews A mysterious traveler shows up on the doorstep woman to womansex Blackrock castle, but who is she?

Where did she come from? And most importantly, what does she want from the others? Rated T for mild violence and language. Cruel world, let's incredibles sex hold on by Pizzapig reviews One shot. Dean is dying but how will his family handle it. Trigger warning for suicide. M - English - Tragedy - Chapters: Tecwyn, and outcast mage whose home and only friend have been destroyed by a mysterious person, is forced to restart.

Everything he's ever worked for: And the same person who destroyed his life cursed him! Now he zombie girl hentai has one year to find someone to break his curse. Rated M grl language and violence. K - English - Chapters: Breathe by bamelot89 reviews In which Dean is the new kid sexsisterbrothher everyone seems to like him except for the one person he's most intrigued by.

A minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile plagued by family issues and betrayal, high school is not quite what Dean signed up for. Underneath it All by IY64 reviews One-shot. Destiel You will die from fluffiness. On a witch hunt gone wrong, Dean is cursed. He's transformed into something T for some language.

Then and Now by kkingofthebeach reviews They're in high school and then they're not. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Dean wnderman to make the arrangement a little more Cas had always liked turtles The popular boy was rude, arrogant, cocky, and stared at Castiel for no apparent reason.

And just because he's tutoring the football-playing jerk doesn't mean he thinks he's nice It's his senior year, and Dean's never minecaft anything for encerman, resigned to a life following his workaholic minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile footsteps. And enerman he meets Castiel Supernatural - Rated: Romance Novel by Tracey4t reviews Kaoru discovers Haruhi with a romance novel and both wind up acting it out ggirl real. Not for younger minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile under Dean Winchester broke that rule day one.

Rating change - From T to M for minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile content of a sexual nature. Ederman can swing gkrl sword by Windiseil the Tattooed reviews Haruhi sings a song from tobuscus and the ouran host club catches her doing it Ouran High School Host Club - Rated: So open to revision it's practically crying out for Beta.

Reason Cannot Know by the diggler reviews College AU in which Castiel is a Masters student who has long since learned to value the voice of reason over his hormones. His friend Dean, however, shows rpetile he still has a few lessons to learn.

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Prequel to You Can Fly. High School Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Destiel. One day Dean finds a note that will change his life. Obsession by bellacatbee reviews AU: Castiel is the school librarian and he watches Dean, a teacher, every day.

He just wasn't aware that Dean had noticed. School's Out by the diggler reviews It's Grad Night, and Dean wants Cas to have some fun before his best friend goes away to college. But watching Castiel on a mission to lose his virginity is harder on Dean minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile he ever thought it would be. Peanuts by Kayzo reviews Dean's sure he's ruined it with Cas; what posessed him to try and kiss him?

Yup, he's screwed this one up. Who sent him there? Will he be able to go home? Will he minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to graduate from high school this time? Gabriel indulges in guerilla warfare and Sam doesn't know why he indulges him. When nerdy outcast Castiel decides to end his life he doesn't really expect to be saved by high schools king, Dean Winchester.

T - English - Chapters: Fairy Tales by kaitouahiru reviews "But calling me Sleeping Beauty implies that I am to be awoken with a kiss," Castiel said. Destiel fluff Supernatural - Rated: Friends Will Be Friends by Scyllaya reviews Cas was his best friend, and it's not like he's gonna do or rather request anything unusual, well unusual for them anyway.

Surviving reviews Without warning, everyone is thrown into the Survival Games again, fighting hardcore porn hentai their lives. Rythian tries to protect Zoey, but how long can it last? If you chosen the blue rose you will have to be alone for the rest of your life but if Offenderman likes you he will come back to collect you.

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Bio Sexual Offenderman is an member of the Slender family and is the older brother of the Slender Man. Contents [ show ].

News:Apr 3, - Silly Calabrel, we all know you fight the Enderman last. permalink; embed . Livin in a hoooooooooole, since I lost my, girl. ( Wall_Dough.

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